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Rioja Exports to the U.S. Increase in Value and Report Strong Sales for 2016

Over 386 million bottles of Rioja were sold worldwide last year, leading to an increase in overall sales value. A total of 178.7 liters were sold domestically, allowing the wine region to maintain its sales leadership in the Spanish market when compared to the other designations of origin in the country. One of the most notable trends, was the 10.7% increase in sales of white wines while Crianzas, Reservas and Gran Reservas all continued to grow in value.

Rioja’s worldwide exports reached a total of 103.77 million liters, with 9.7 million of those being exported to the United States. Of the U.S. exports, 2.74 million wines were Crianza, 3.27 million were Reserva, 367 thousand were Gran Reserva and 3.32 million white and rose wines combined. That resulted in a 0.99% increase of exports to the U.S. in 2016, from 2015 – making it the country with the 3rd largest amount of exports at 9.36%.

The average price of Rioja wine exports is currently 55% higher than the average of other D.O. wines and four times the average price of all other wines exported from Spain. There has also been an average price increase of 23.2% for Rioja wine from its 12 top markets, of which 6.17% is from the U.S.

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